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Video Post Thu, Aug. 25, 2011 4 notes

Hello Kitty! That is Brand trending so hard right now, people are even inking their bodies to show how much of a true hello kitty fan they really are. Not gonna lie, that cute lil cat is adorable but what is it really that has got everyone Kitty Crazed! As you all know, and most of you may remember a little store in your mall about 5-7 years ago called Sanrio, sold all the cute little animals, including: Hello Kitty, BatzMaru and others. Notebooks, Clocks, Lamps, Candy, Pencils you name it they had it, and I donno about you but at the mall I knew so well Sanrio went out of business or moved for a while. I didn’t think it would come back, and I was a little disappointed. However Fall of last year, sure enough I went back to that mall and what did I see. SANRIO once again, stocked and ready to sell. Hello Kitty is one kitty that isn’t going anywhere. So watch out world!!

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